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Spinning® | 4 hour CEC Workshops
Spinning® | 4 hour CEC Workshops
Spinning® | 4 hour CEC Workshops

Spinning® | 4 hour CEC Workshops

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Take your coaching to the next level and earn CEC credits towards your certification renewal with our live and virtual workshops. Taught by our Master Instructor Team, our workshops challenge and build your teaching skills.

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Search for scheduled Spinning workshops. You’ll find interesting courses like: Energy Zone™ Series; Strength, Hills and Power, Heart Rate Training; Spintensity™; and many more. Check out our current workshops that will appear on various dates per year.


CEC Workshop Options

Four-Hour Workshops

Workshop format: Lecture plus practical application, ending with a ride. Each workshop offers the following credits:

  • 6 SPIN® CECs
  • 4 AFAA CEUs
  • 0.4 ACE CECs

SPINPower STRONGER highlights the strength foundation principle giving you strategies to turbocharge your Spinning and SPINPower rides. Spinning and SPINPower instructors will learn advanced methods to boost strength needed to pedal with more power, specifically within a cadence range of 60–80 RPM. The reward is positive fitness responses in the muscular, energy and cardio-respiratory systems. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build lean muscle, or achieve a new level of fitness, using resistance will have the greatest effect on burning calories, driving your pedal stroke to the top of that hill, moving you in and out of the saddle and pushing the boundaries when extra power is needed.

*NEW* SPINPower® Personal Spinning® Threshold
Broaden your knowledge of the SPINPower® program by examining the various metabolic points during exercise to better understand threshold training, and learn how to use your Personal Spinning® Threshold to establish individualized SPINPower® Zones. (Bike with power required for this workshop)

Creating a Journey Ride
The Spinning® program is one of the fitness industry’s leading pioneers in creating experiential exercise. This workshop presents everything you need to know, from A to Z, to create your own journey rides. Set yourself apart from the rest by learning how to design and skillfully present theme rides that bring out your strengths as an instructor while giving your riders a memorable experience that will have your riders coming back for more!

Cadence, Heart Rate and Class Design
Understanding the relationship between cadence, resistance and intensity is key to coaching classes that meet riders’ training goals. Co-developed by the Spinning education team and cycling expert Joe Friel, this workshop teaches you to correctly use cadence and resistance as training variables.

Creative Coaching
Learn innovative techniques to help riders improve their fitness. This workshop covers the fundamentals of creating effective Spinning classes by considering the 4 Ps of class design — populations, purpose, planning and progression.

Heart Rate Training
This workshop provides an in-depth look at the five Spinning® Energy Zones™, complementary terrains for each zone, effective heart rate training ranges and health-screening preparation. (This workshop includes a 75-minute ride.)

High Intensity Training
Applied correctly, high intensity training can help riders overcome fitness plateaus and enhance overall fitness. But too much of it can cause overtraining and burnout. Come learn how, why and when to use high intensity training, and more importantly, when not to.

Profile Designs and Heart Rate Games
Improve fitness by focusing on how the body responds to both rest and stress, as muscle cells rebuild to slightly higher levels after each cycle of effort and recovery. Enhance your training knowledge so you can help riders achieve improved physiological adaptations. Learn new course designs, creative ideas, drills and techniques to use immediately in your Spinning® classes.

Spintensity™: Periodization
Learn and understand the benefits of using a heart rate monitor and identifying effective heart rate training ranges. Then take an in-depth look at how to develop a periodized training plan using the various Spinning Energy Zones™.

Spinning® Language and Visualization
Learn to communicate and coach effectively with descriptive images and metaphors that promote greater energy, confidence, focus and ability. You’ll be able to tap into your students' senses with vivid imagery and evoke an emotional response to jump-start their thinking — and your classes.

Mental Training: Approach and Skills
As we develop fitness and physical abilities, we also need to sharpen our mental edge for ultimate performance. Learn tools, techniques and skills to find a center with power, develop complete focus and practice calmness with strength.

Spinning® | 4 hour CEC Workshops provide CECs and CPD points with leading fitness organizations including: ACE, NASM and Ireland REPS.  Athleticum® is a CIMSPA Training Provider.

Prerequisite options:

  • A level 2 Fitness Instructor or Aerobics instructor is required for Ireland REPS or CIMSPA members wanting to claim CPD points.
  • or a Spinning® Certification certificate
  • A cycling coaching award plus supporting evidence (optional)
  • Anatomy and Physiology  

Note: For Virtual Training dates:

  • You must have access to Zoom via laptop with camera and audio
  • You must have access to an indoor bike (preferred)
  • Post course online theory assessment. Passing score (80% or higher) 

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All CEC workshops have a digital manual included in the training.