Spinning® | 2 hour CEC Workshops
Spinning® | 2 hour CEC Workshops
Spinning® | 2 hour CEC Workshops
Spinning® | 2 hour CEC Workshops

Spinning® | 2 hour CEC Workshops

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Take your coaching to the next level and earn CEC credits towards your certification renewal with our live and virtual workshops. Taught by our Master Instructor Team, our workshops challenge and build your teaching skills.

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Search for scheduled Spinning workshops. You’ll find interesting courses like: Energy Zone™ Series; Strength, Hills and Power, Heart Rate Training; Spintensity™; and many more. Check out our current workshops that will appear on various dates per year.


CEC Workshop Options

Two-Hour Workshops

Workshop format: Lecture plus practical application. Each workshop offers the following credits:

  • 3 SPIN® CECs
  • 2 AFAA CEUs
  • 0.2 ACE CECs

Let's Jump!
This workshop explores and defines the various Jumps techniques in the Spinning program. Technique discussions center on higher cadence Jumps along the flat roads and strongly-loaded Jumps in the hills. Other key performance areas covered in this workshop include: counting, rhythm stroke strategies and resistance loading.

3-Part Cues
Learn and practice how to connect and motivate riders during Spinning® class using a technique called three-part cuing. In this workshop, you’ll learn some of the most impactful phrases, corrective cues and technique tips to address everyone in your class by communicating through auditory, visual and kinesthetic cues.

Art of Recovery
Recovery is one of the most powerful Energy Zones™ in the Spinning® Program, so explaining its importance to our students is not only necessary, but it's also very rewarding! In this workshop, we look in depth at the amazing benefits of recovery and why it is so important in our training. We will experience ways to understand it for ourselves so that we can allow our class participants to grasp its benefits and reach their fitness goals in the safest and healthiest way possible.

The 5-Step Sprint
An authentic cycling skill, sprinting challenges the body’s ability to attain and recover from high levels of power output. You learn the step-by-step techniques for preparing, cueing and executing flat road Sprints and Sprints on a hill with safety and efficiency.

Creative Climbs
Challenge your riders with new ways to climb and they’ll enjoy the ride to the top. This workshop identifies, discusses and demonstrates several strategies for engaging, safe and fun climbs with techniques you can use in many class formats.

Interval Energy Zone™
A favourite of Spinning® instructors and enthusiasts, experienced riders can achieve true fitness gains, enhanced performance and metabolism with the Interval Energy Zone™. This workshop defines three types of Interval EZ rides: aerobic, anaerobic and aerobic/anaerobic, and the right work-to-rest ratios.

Loops and Ladders
Learn a variety of aerobic and anaerobic options to design rides for cadence building, resistance loading, transition practice, and interval training. You’ll come away from this workshop with pre-designed profiles and the knowledge you need to create your own unforgettable rides.

Music, Movement, Motivation
Music is a powerful class element you can use to enhance the rider's experience — make your class more than just another ride. Learn to correlate music and rhythm with movement to elicit an emotional response. Remember — Certified Spinning® Instructors, you can check out a new Spinning playlist posted weekly!

Race Day Energy Zone™
A Spinning® Master Instructor teaches you how to prepare your riders for a safe, high-powered Race Day Energy Zone™ ride — the ultimate challenge. A Race Day ride simulates a time trial, an all-out effort against the clock. It’s an opportunity to apply the Energy Zone training you and your riders have practiced to a peak performance effort.

Resistance Loading & Cadence Building
Loading and unloading resistance and cadence are great ways to spice up your classes while providing a challenging, engaging workout that will help your students to increase strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Learn how to develop profiles that will keep your riders focused and excited by using different resistance loading and cadence building techniques.

Strength Energy Zone™
Seated and standing climbs are the main terrains of the Strength Energy Zone™. And because this zone includes anaerobic and aerobic work, it challenges lower body muscular endurance as well as the cardiovascular system — learn how to help your riders climb with more power, strength and mental stamina.

Strength, Hills and Power
Deliver real fitness benefits for your riders. The Strength Energy Zone™ and climbing hills are great for building intensity and simulating outdoor cycling. During this workshop, you’ll advance your knowledge and skills with new techniques for hill climbs and learn about the physiological basis for training on hills. 

Spinning® | 2 hour CEC Workshops provide provide CECs and CPD points with leading fitness organizations including: ACE, NASM and Ireland REPS.  Athleticum® is a CIMSPA Training Provider.

Prerequisite options:

  • A level 2 Fitness Instructor or Aerobics instructor is required for Ireland REPS or CIMSPA members wanting to claim CPD points.
  • or a Spinning® Certification certificate
  • A cycling coaching award plus supporting evidence (optional)
  • Anatomy and Physiology  

Note: For Virtual Training dates:

  • You must have access to Zoom via laptop with camera and audio
  • You must have access to an indoor bike (preferred)
  • Post course online theory assessment. Passing score (80% or higher)

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All CEC training dates have a digital manual included in the training.