Every year in March the SPINNING® SHOWCASE rolls into Blackpool's Winter Gardens with a captivating wave of energy, enthusiasm and vivacity that distinguishes our workouts, lectures and workshops.

For over 10 years the SPINNING® SHOWCASE has been homeland of thousands of friends and enthusiasts of the original world class indoor cycling programme. To all of you, we would like to say 'thank you' for sharing your incredible energy with us that helped shaping more than a decade of unforgettable moments.

SPINNING® SHOWCASE PROS 2018 is going to be amazing, as usual - but bigger, bolder and better. Together we will continue our journey through a fresh decade of this unique event — always remembering where we come from and what keeps us strong and powerful.

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Equipment Based Training

Education for leading fitness programmes:

Indoor Walking
Peak Pilates MVe Chair

Fitness Online Education

New in 2018: online CPD training in functional
tools like

Battle Rope


Suspension Training
Olympic Lifting

Official SPINNING® Events

Organiser of SPINNING® events in the UK and Ireland:

SPINNING® Showcase
Tribe Ireland
Tribe Scotland

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Athleticum® is committed to provide equipment based training of highest standard in the UK and Ireland, delivered by energetic and charismatic presenters.

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