CrossCore® Home Kit
CrossCore® Home Kit
CrossCore® Home Kit
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CrossCore® Home Kit

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Unlock your potential.

CrossCore offers all of the benefits of traditional bodyweight training and adds instability and rotation to further challenge your balance and core.

For fitness warriors, trainers and PT's, the new CrossCore® system reaches the next level in our training and yours. CrossCore’s patented pulley system separates us from any other suspended bodyweight product on the market. CrossCore® System is literally the revolution in suspended bodyweight training!

CrossCore® Home Kit

Our CrossCore® Home Kit allows for easy and safe use of your CrossCore system at home, at the office, or while you travel. The door strap simply fits through the protective Door Pad and the pulley housing, making set-up and take down occur in just seconds. The whole system and home kit fits nicely in your carry bag.

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Features and Specifications:

(1) Home Kit

  • 1 door strap (25 in / 63.5 mm) with 1 rubber coated door clip and rubber coated E-rings to lock system in place around the pulley
  • 1 door pad to protect doors from the aluminium surface of the system
  • Protective door pad keeps the CrossCore System from scratching the door
  • Rubber E-rings that easily locks the pulley system in place
  • Rubber coated door clip secures the home kit to allow for easy set-up of the CrossCore System