Athleticum® was born for the need to support equipment based training and events in the UK and Ireland with the highest training standards and inspiring dynamic presenters.

Working alongside partners such as Spinning®, Precor®, Mad Dogg Athletics and more, we deliver quality education for Queenax, CrossCore®, GUNeX, 4DPro® Bungee Trainer, UGI®, AntiGravity® Fitness, Peak Pilates MVe Chair. We also offer new in 2018 fitness online CPD education including Anatomy & Physiology and coming soon, functional tools like battle ropes essentials, suspension education and more.
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We also distribute high quality functional training equipment together with the corresponding live trainings, qualifications and various online educations and courses.
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The latest addition to our
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Our new complete elastic battle rope training.

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New in 2018: online CPD training in functional tools like


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