Athleticum® Celebrates the Continued Success of Its Partnership with YMCA Fylde Coast

Athleticum® Celebrates the Continued Success of Its Partnership with YMCA Fylde Coast
Spinning and YMCA

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Athleticum®, the exclusive and licensed distributor of Spinning® in the UK and Ireland, is delighted to announce the ongoing success and reinforcement of its cherished partnership with YMCA Fylde Coast. This sustained collaboration underscores our mutual dedication to fostering health and wellness within the community, further enriching our collective fitness offerings with the latest advancements in Spinning® indoor cycling technology and educational programs.

Elevating the Spinning® Experience at YMCA Fylde Coast

In a move that reaffirms our shared objectives and commitment, YMCA Fylde Coast is set to augment its Spinning® program with an additional 65 state-of-the-art Spinner® NXT Bikes across various locations, including YMCA Thornton, YMCA Fleetwood, and YMCA Poulton. This expansion represents a significant milestone in our mission to deliver unparalleled fitness experiences to our communities.

A Collaborative Vision for Community Well-being

Athleticum® and YMCA Fylde Coast share a vision for promoting a healthy, active, and interconnected community. This partnership extends beyond just providing premier indoor cycling equipment; it encompasses a holistic approach to well-being, supporting a wide range of services from youth work and housing support to extensive leisure and fitness programs.

Anne Mullins, General Manager at YMCA Thornton and the partnership manager, articulates the profound impact of this collaboration: "Working alongside Athleticum® and Spinning® has fundamentally enhanced our indoor cycling offerings. We're excited to continue this journey, bringing unmatched Spinning® experiences to our community and fostering a culture of health and wellness."

A Testament to Community Fitness and Achievement

The Spinning® initiative at YMCA Fylde Coast is emblematic of our shared goal to create an inclusive, supportive, and dynamic environment where individuals of all fitness levels can unite, pursue their wellness objectives, and enjoy the path to better health.

Sarah Morelli, Co-founder and Director of Athleticum®, with extensive expertise in the fitness industry, reflects on the partnership's evolution: "It's a privilege to extend our relationship with YMCA Fylde Coast. Our collaboration is not just about providing exceptional Spinning® equipment and training; it's about making a tangible difference in community health and facilitating the professional development of in-house Spinning® Instructor teams."

About Athleticum®

Athleticum® prides itself on being at the forefront of delivering high-quality fitness equipment and educational programs across the UK and Ireland. Our partnership with YMCA Fylde Coast exemplifies our commitment to enhancing community wellness through innovative fitness solutions and comprehensive instructor training.

Looking Ahead to the Future of Fitness

We are excited to continue this fruitful partnership, promising an even more vibrant and inspiring Spinning® journey ahead. Together with YMCA Fylde Coast, we are committed to advancing the standards of indoor cycling and community wellness across the Fylde Coast.

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