Take It Outside, Rain or Shine!

Now that lockdown is a thing of the past (we hope) we can all start coaching bigger groups securely indoors or, even better, outdoors in the fresh air, rain or shine. There indeed seems to be a new found love of outdoor training, mud and all! Check out the recent images of Celebrities completing mud ridden obstacle courses on instagram for proof!

With the need to give busy back to work clients the outdoor (or indoor) experience in a short timeframe, why not up your return on investment with the GUN-eX® COBRA KIT if you are seeking washable mud resistant battle ropes with elastic resistance training rolled into one! You can use this package for PT, bootcamps, lead Covid-Safe distance training with GUNNING™ group training, strength & conditioning, military conditioning, sports performance and obstacle based workouts.

GUN-eX® allows you to be flexible with your business. Cordura® protected sleeved battle ropes with rubber cord inside. One package can be easily used by two people, in some cases even by 4 people simultaneously. 

GUN-eX® COBRA is real 3-in-1 training tool - it completely replaces your regular battle ropes for upper body and cardio training, it serves as a sprint system for lower body training, and it is also resistance cord system for push & pull strength and core exercises. 

Gun-ex® mini Cobra Rope outdoor training with bar attachment

One of the biggest benefits of GUNNING™ small group training is the ability to generate greater revenues. Workouts are shorter, structured, varied and efficient to set up. the return on investment in just a few short group sessions.

This amazingly fun equipment can be used for all levels of clients and there is even a TRAINING APP to help trainers structure and deliver workouts each and every time!

Here's how it works perfectly for group training at a distance, naturally using 1 x Gun-ex Cobra kit - 2 elastic resistance battle ropes.

2 clients train 6-12 meters apart depending on the exercise holding two ropes each. Each client acts as the anchor perfect for timed exercise activity using the handles, wooden bars or hip-belt, guided by the trainer via the GUN-eX App. Each set of clients with a Cobra set is then spaced 2 meters or more apart horizontally. 

2 clients: spaced horizontally 2 meters apart and ropes are anchored to a fixed post/tree/bar using one rope each.

4 clients train 8-12 meters apart holding one rope each. Each client is the anchor perfect for timed exercise activity using the handles, wooden bars or hip-belt, guided by the trainer via the Gun-ex App. Each client with a Cobra rope is then spaced 2 meters or more apart horizontally. 

Gunning fitness class with Gun-ex® Cobra ropes


Get the GUN-EX® Mobile Trainer App

Gun-ex® Mobile Trainer App

Trainers can use our free mobile app to lead sessions and workouts, free to download for iPhone and Android.

Ready-to-use workouts prepared by GUN-eX® master trainers, just select one from the list and you are ready to train or, complex workouts in seconds...

Here are a few extra features to really stand out:

  • Intuitive user interface for creating your own workouts with just a few finger taps.
  • Create classic interval timer or design complex workouts using ladder and pyramid timers.
  • Simply drag the slider and immediately see how long your workout is going to be.
  • Add selected exercises from GUN-eX® Movements Database or add your own custom ones.
  • You can use our app to create workouts with other training tools too!
  • Creating a class plan was never easier.

Session Capacity V Price

Your session capacity should have direct influence on price of the whole 8 week package per client. We should aim at around 12 clients to be able to maintain small group feeling and culture. This will have direct influence on your overall revenues.

However the number of participants is not obligatory and it is completely up to you what size of small group training you are going to offer.

Let’s say trainer or the facility/bootcamp will purchase 6 x GUN-EX COBRA GUNNING
™ KITS which offers 12 spots on a 30-40 minute session.

Let’s break down the equipment cost per 8 week program in relation to number of participants. Let’s assume they are going to attend 2-3 times a week for 8 weeks total. Check out the example numbers below for this one group.

4-7 participants. Client pays £200 for 
8 weeks (£8.33-£12.50 per session) - Revenue up to £1400
8-12 participants. 
Client pays £180 for 8 weeks (£7.50-£11.25 per session) - Revenue up to £2160

Now let's say you run another 8 week program booking at another time slot each week.... well then, that's just doubled your revenue! 

And it's so easy to set up, schedule and create your programmed courses with your own Booking App with our BOOKYWAY® App. For individuals or business, the overheads drop and more of the revenue collected becomes your profit.

BookyWay Booking App image

Why 8 week program is a good choice?

  • The package price for complete 8 week GUNNING™ program is having much more success for both the trainer and the client.
  • Clients are achieving results because they are financially committed for the whole 2 months which is strong motivation factor to attend sessions. Clients tend to recommit to another GUNNING™ 2 months program because of the physical success they already can see after first 8 weeks plus the social community that they have gained! Again a fantastic motivator to continue.
  • All clients who sign-up to 8 week GUNNING™ programs provide strong word of mouth referrals which helps to spread a word!

These conclusions apply for fitness clubs too. Trainers under the contract can cue GUNNING™ program and as a result it has more benefits to all parties:

  • More success for clients – visible results
  • Better retention to re-sign up
  • Less clients’ attendance fluctuation 
  • Creating stable community = bringing another revenue stream to the club/trainer

Revenue splits are also an options for the clubs and trainers and a great incentive where taking care of the trainer is so vital to the clubs successful programming.

Gun-ex® Power Bag 10 Kgs

Mixing it up and adding additional training tools is also a big plus too and adds more stations of exercise and enables you to expand the session capacity if you have the space.... adding extra return on investment!



If you would like some more information on how to get started at your club or bootcamp, why not request a call back via our Chat function, or contact Sarah directly on sarah.morelli@athleticum.co.uk

Gun-ex® Outside

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