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    GUN-eX® Training System

    GUN-eX® COBRA elastic battle ropes are the perfect tool for PT and small group PT. It is a new way of functional training that offers full-body conditioning and develops athletic and coordination skills. For trainers, it’s easy to have 1-on-1 sessions or train 2 to 4 clients simultaneously.



    GUN-EX® Approved Facility in the UK - Jon Hill Personal Training, Camberley.

    Benefits for clubs

    • Short HIIT training – clients can quickly see the progress which results in high retention rates, it’s easy to sell PT sessions and gym memberships.
    • One trainer can easily have 4 clients and run them through GUN-eX PT training. 4 PT sessions with one trainer = high prime time effectivity.
    • In clubs with GUN-eX ropes implemented, 85% of PT trainers regularly use GUN-eX for PT sessions. 

    Benefits for clients

    • GUN-eX training is a highly effective HIIT with quickly visible results for the client.
    • Training with GUN-eX is new and fun, and people love coming back for more sessions.
    • Workout with GUN-eX ropes helps to develop broad movement skills.
    • The client can choose to work selectively on the upper or lower body or do a full-body workout. It’s easy for trainers to switch between different types of workouts.

    Benefits for trainers

    • Simple to use tool that’s easy to lead training with. The tool gives trainers an advantage over trainers not using it. GUN-eX COBRA is easy to transport and set up (outdoor training, boot camps).
    • Interaction with clients helps build closer connections with the trainer = higher retention rate and client satisfaction.
    • It’s easy to progress or regress exercises and workouts to accommodate various fitness levels of clients. GUN-eX is simple full body and cardio training for every client.
    • Professional education is available to trainers.
    • Free mobile app with pre-made workouts that trainers can use immediately or make their own. App offers different types of interval timers and pictures of movement execution.

    FREE Mobile App for Trainers

    Download on the App Store or Google Play

    Made easy for trainers

    • Ready-to-use workouts are prepared by GUN-eX® master trainers, just select one from the list and you are ready to train.
    • Several premade workouts for each level of difficulty.
    • Separate classes for individual and group training.
    • New innovative warm-up and cool-down exercises.
    • Free download for iPhone and Android.

    Complex workouts in seconds

    • Intuitive user interface for creating your own workouts with just a few finger taps.
    • Create a classic interval timer, or design complex workouts using ladder and pyramid timers.
    • Simply drag the slider and immediately see how long your workout is going to be.
    • Add selected exercises from GUN-eX® Movements Database or add your own custom ones.
    • You can use our app to create workouts with other training tools!
    • Creating a class plan was never easier.




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