AntiGravity® Certification Policy

Effective January 1, 2022.

Initial Certification: Upon successful completion of the AntiGravity Fundamentals training, an instructor is certified for two (2) years from the last date of the training. This may require a person to complete other tasks (i.e. testing, video submissions)

Maintaining Certification: The successful completion of an AntiGravity Fitness’ teacher training or Refresher Course earns an instructor two (2) years of ‘active’ certification status from the last date of the most recent training, regardless of when any testing is completed.

The Importance of Certification: Maintaining an active status is a professional requirement for all Certified AntiGravity Instructors (CAGIs), reflecting an ongoing commitment to quality instruction.

Minimum Requirements for Certification: CAGIs must renew their certification at minimum every 2 years.

How to Renew your Certification: Renewing the AntiGravity Certification is easy and can be accomplished by ANY ONE of the following options:

  1. Take an Advanced Teacher Training
  2. Attend a Refresher Course
  3. Retake a Teacher Training

Length of the Renewal: Each option renews your certification status for two (2) years from the completion date.

After your Certification has expired: You can still use all three options to renew but it may be more difficult if you have not continued to be active as an instructor. If your certification has expired for more than 12 months, a Refresher Course is highly recommended prior to attending additional training courses.

AGDA (NOT REQUIRED): An AGDA membership is no longer required to remain certified. It will remain as an optional subscription service for those wishing to have access to online training material.

Note: Some studios or countries may require you to have an AGDA membership. It is strongly recommended that CAGI’s maintain an active membership to AGDA to have continued access to digital materials and updates as they are released.